Problem Gambling: Definition, Warning Signs, Actions to be Taken

Problem Gambling is Becoming a Great Issue in Australia

Gambling addiction or ludomania has become a serious social problem in Australia. Lots of gamblers are keen on gambling all the time despite the adverse consequences or a desire to stop. Such harm is experienced not only by the gamblers but by their close people. This addiction can result in bankruptcy or family breakdown.

The Australian National Council on Problem Gambling has been created to fight this addiction and to develop responsible gaming awareness among the online casino players.


Gambling addiction can be defined as an aspiration to play uninterruptedly and involves significant loss of money or property. This problem usually arises after the first big win as it generates excitement or even the rush of adrenaline. People start seeking that feeling and these initial sensations drive them to gamble again and again. More and more money is necessary to feed this addiction and in many cases, it results in a financial loss.

Signs of the problem

It can be difficult to identify the person with an addiction of this kind. Reflexively we may not want to believe that someone we know has a problem with gambling. But still, there are some behavioral, financial and time-related signs which can help reveal the problem in time.

  • Money missing from a wallet or the bank account is the initial symptom of Problem Gambling. Valuable items may disappear too.
  • Borrowing money regularly.
  • Loan failures.
  • Lots of unpaid bills.
  • Working performance slowdown.
  • Becoming withdrawn from others/family events.
  • Changes in personality – sleeping, eating and other patterns.
  • Manipulative behavior.
  • Spending more time gambling.
  • Taking an unusual amount of time for simple tasks.

All in all, try to analyze the changes in the person’s finances, mood, and behavior. These warning signs can help you decide what actions to take.

Problem Gambling: Conclusion

Generally, a person suffering from this addiction needs help. But any help makes sense only if the gambler understands the problem and wants to get rid of it. It is crucially important to identify the ludomania and take the following actions suggested by the National Council:

  • Think about the consequences of your actions and decide to get rid of this addiction.
  • Find a peer support group. Sharing your feelings with the people who have a similar problem can help a lot.
  • Let someone you trust be in charge of your funds, get rid of credit cards and gaming bank accounts.
  • Restrict the influence of the addictive environment. Tell the gambling platform support team about your problem and ask to block your account.
  • Find some other activities which can cause lots of positive sensations.
  • Fight mood disorders. Consult the doctor if you have any stress, depression or anxiety.

On the whole, ludomania can be repelled if an addicted person has the support. Talk to your close people, share your feelings and you will be strong enough to fight any problem.