Ukash Casinos: The Operating Principles, Advantages and Some Tips on Usage

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Ukash Casinos is the Former Leader in the Gambling Industry

Ukash was a popular payment processor which was widely used by online casino players. In 2015 it merged with PaySafeCard. Still, gamblers can reap most of the Ukash benefits by playing at the PaySafeCard casinos. Ukash Casinos can be defined as the casino sites which accepted the Ukash system and gave casino bonuses and deposit bonuses for using this service.

The Prior Operating principles of this System

The basic working principles of this service included the following:

  • The service worked with pre-paid cards or vouchers. This service converted cash into “e-money”. Every time the gamblers wanted to make a Ukash payment, they had to go to a partnered retailer to buy the voucher with cash.
  • You could find your favorite slot and play it at Ukash Casinos as soon as you access your account.
  • The personal banking details were not provided to the casino.
  • Vouchers or pre-paid cards could be bought in over 420,000 retailing points located worldwide.
  • It was possible to place a limited amount of cash on a voucher and avoid overspending.
  • The high-level encryption technology was supported by the system. All the gamblers’ data were protected.
  • It wasn’t possible to withdraw your winnings using this service. If a deposit was made using this service, then a different withdrawal method had to be chosen.

In general, all the Ukash working principles are reconstructed by the PaySafeCard service.

Ukash Casinos: Advantages of the Former Service

There were various benefits of using this service to deposit in an online casino:

  • Instant payments
  • Safe and reliable service
  • Absolute anonymity as the purchase of voucher at a point of sale didn’t require any identification.
  • Easy way to manage your budget as you couldn’t spend more than you paid for the voucher.
  • The support of various currencies.

Despite this system no longer being in service, the above advantages are widely available by using PaySafeCard which is known as their merged service.

Some Secrets of Ukash Casinos

There were some secrets which could help gamblers improve their performance and get the highest possible profit using Ukash.

  1. To deposit the funds, the gambler had to select ‘pre-paid cards’ and then Ukash as the preferred option in the casino account.
  2. Some Australian casinos offered loyalty bonuses for using Ukash. It was a good chance to make some profit.
  3. The full list of retailers which sold vouchers was on the Ukash website. It was easy to select a suitable reseller.
  4. As soon as the 19-digit code was entered, the player had to select the currency of the casino account and fill in the amount to be deposited.

All in all, using Ukash for transactions was very safe and convenient.

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